This page contains an index of all the places in the database, sorted by their title. Clicking on a place’s title will take you to that place’s page.

Letter Name State/ Province Country
? ?    
A Abbots Langley, Herts.    
  Abingdon reg district    
  Acton Green Middx    
  Acton Middx    
  Acton Middx.    
  Addiscombe Surrey    
  Addlestone Surrey    
  Adwell Oxon.    
  Albury, Oxon.    
  Aldbourn Wilts    
  Aldbury Berks.    
  Aldershot, Hants.    
  Aldgate London    
  Aldingbourne Sussex    
  Alerton Yorks    
  Alford Surrey    
  Alfreton, Derby.    
  Allerton Yorks    
  Allerton, Bradford Yorkshire.    
  Alton-Pancras, Dorset    
  Amersham Bucks.    
  Andover district    
  Andover Hants.    
  Andover reg district    
  Andover reg. district    
  Andover, Hampshire    
  Andreas, Isle of Man    
  Apsley, Hants.    
  Ararat Victoria Australia    
  Ardrossan, Ayrshire    
  Areley Essex    
  Ascot Berks    
  Ascot Berks.    
  Ashford Kent    
  Ashingdon, essex    
  Ashmansworth, Hampshire    
  Aspenden Herts    
  Aspenden Herts.    
  Aspley Guise Beds    
  Aspley Heath Bedfordshire    
  Asron Rowant, Oxon.    
  Aston Herts.    
  Aston Oxon.    
  Aston reg. district    
  Aston Rowant Oxford    
  Aston Rowant, Oxon.    
  Aston Rownat, Oxon.    
  At sea    
  At Sea    
  Atherstone, Warwickshire    
  Attercliffe York    
  Attercliffe Yorks.    
  Attercliffe, Yorks.    
  Auburn, Victoria, Australia    
  Aveley Essex    
  Aylesbury district.    
  Aylesbury reg district    
  Aylesbury, Bucks.    
  Aylesbury, Bucks.    
  Aylsham reg district    
  Ayr Ayrshire    
B Ballarat Victoria Australia    
  Ballarat, Australia    
  Ballarat, Victoria, Australia    
  Ballaugh, Isle of Man    
  Barham Kent    
  Barking Side Essex    
  Barnes Surrey    
  Barnes, Surrey    
  Barnet Middx.    
  Barnet reg district    
  Barnsley Yorkshire    
  Barnsley, Yorks.    
  Battersea district    
  Battersea, London    
  Beaufort Victoria Australia    
  Beaufort, Victoria, Australia    
  Bedford Beds.    
  Bedford, beds.    
  Beech Hill BERKS.    
  Beedon, berks.    
  Belper district    
  Belper District    
  Benson Oxon.    
  Benton Mississippi    
  Berkhampstead district    
  Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire    
  Bermondsey Surrey.    
  Bermondsey, Surrey.    
  Berrick Oxon.    
  Berrick Prior    
  Berrick Prior Oxfordshire    
  Berrick Prior, Oxon.    
  Berrick Salome    
  Berrick Salome Oxon.    
  Berwick On Tweed, Northumberland    
  Bethnel Green London    
  Bethnel Green, London    
  Bicester, Oxon.    
  Bingley, Yorks.    
  Birchingdon Kent    
  Birchington Kent    
  Birchington, Kent    
  Birmingham district    
  Birmingham Reg District    
  Birmingham Wark.    
  Birmingham, Wark.    
  Bishops Green Hants.    
  Bishopsbourne Kent    
  Bishopsgate City of London    
  Bishopwearmouth, Durham    
  Blakeney Nfk    
  Blakeney Nfk.    
  Blakeney, Norfolk    
  Blakeney, Norfolk.    
  Blaydon Oxon.    
  Blean district    
  Bledlow - Holy Trinity    
  Bledlow Ridge    
  Bledlow Ridge    
  Bledlow Ridge Bucks.    
  Bledlow, Bucks.    
  Bletchingdon, Oxon.    
  Bletchington, Oxon.    
  Blundestone, Hungerford    
  Bodelwyddan, Flintshire, Wales    
  Boreham Wood Herts    
  Boreham Wood Herts.    
  Boreham Wood, Herts.    
  Bournemouth district    
  Bournemouth Hampshire    
  Bow, London    
  Bozeat Northants    
  Bradenham Bucks.    
  Bradfield Berks.    
  Bradford Abbas, Dorset    
  Bradford Yorks.    
  Bradford Yorkshire    
  Bradford. Yorks.    
  Bray Berks    
  Bray Berks.    
  Bray, Berks.    
  Breedon Brand, Leic.    
  Brenchley kent    
  Brenchley Kent    
  Brentford district    
  Brentford reg district    
  Brentford Reg district    
  Brentwood Essex    
  Bridgenorth Shropshire    
  Bridgham, Norfolk    
  Brighton Sussex    
  Brightside Sheffield    
  Brightwalton, Berks.    
  Brightwell Baldwin, Oxon.    
  Brightwell, Berks    
  Brightwell, Berks.    
  Brightwell, Berks.hire    
  Brill Bucks.    
  Britwell Salome    
  Britwell Salome, Oxon.    
  Brixham Devon    
  Broadstairs Kent    
  Broadwell Glo.    
  Brockham Green Surrey    
  Bromley district    
  Bromley Kent    
  Bromley London    
  Bromley London.    
  Bromley Middx    
  Bromley, Middx.    
  Bromley, Tower Hamlets, Middx.    
  Brompton, Middx.    
  Bromsgrove, Woc.    
  Bromsgrove, Woc. reg district    
  Buckland Common Bucks.    
  Bullingdon district    
  Bullingdon reg district    
  Bullingdon Reg district    
  Burbage Wilts.    
  Burghclere Hants    
  Burnham Bucks.    
  Bury reg district    
  Byfleet Surrey    
C Camberwell, London.    
  Cambourne, Cornwall    
  Camden Town Middx.    
  Canterbury Kent    
  Capel le Ferne Kent    
  Carbrook York.    
  Carbrook Yorks.    
  Cardiff Wales.    
  Careston, Northants.    
  Cassington Oxon.    
  Cathcart district    
  Cerne Abbas, Dorset    
  Cerne Abbas Dorset    
  Chadderton, Lanc.    
  Chalford Oxon.    
  Chalgrove Oxon.    
  Chalgrove, Oxon.    
  Chalvey Slough, Bucks.    
  Chard reg district    
  Chatham, Kent    
  Chearsely Bucks.    
  Chelsea London    
  Chelsea, London    
  Chelsea, Middx.    
  Cheltenham Glos.    
  Cheping Wycombe, Bucks.    
  Chepping Wycombe, Bucks.    
  Cheriton Kent    
  Chertsey reg district    
  Chertsey, Surrey    
  Chester, Cheshire.    
  Chesterton Oxon.    
  Chiddick, Dorset    
  Chiddington, Kent    
  Chigwell, essex    
  Chiltern Crem.    
  Chilton, Bucks.    
  Chinnor , Oxon.    
  Chinnor Oxen    
  Chinnor, Oxon.    
  Chinnor, Oxom.    
  Chinnor, Oxon.    
  Chipping Norton Oxon.    
  Chipping Norton Oxon.*    
  Chipping Norton reg district.    
  Chiswick Middx    
  Chiswick Middx.    
  Chosley Berks.    
  Churchill, Somerset    
  Chyahoga, Ohio USA    
  City of Westminster    
  Clapton London    
  Clapton Park, Hackney, London.    
  Clapton, Surrey    
  Clerkenwell London    
  Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio USA    
  Cleveland, Ohio USA    
  Clevland Ohio USA    
  Clewer Berks    
  Cliftonville, Margate, Kent    
  Clunes, Victoria Australia    
  Cobalt, Canada    
  Cobcott, Oxon.    
  Cobham, Surrey    
  Cocking Sussex    
  Coleman Ontario Canada    
  Combe Berks    
  Combe Berks.    
  Combe, Hants    
  Combe, hants.    
  Combe, Hants.    
  Compton Lanc.    
  Cookham district    
  Copcourt Oxon.    
  Corscombe Dorset    
  Corscombe, Dorset    
  Cotherstone Yorks    
  Cotherstone Yorkshire    
  Cotherstone, Yorks    
  Cotherstone, Yorks.    
  Cotterstone, Yorks.    
  Covney, Camb.    
  Cowley Oxfordshire    
  Cowley Oxon.    
  Crabbe Street School, Woolescote.    
  Cranbrook Kent    
  Cranleigh Surrey    
  Crouch End, London    
  Crowell, Oxon.    
  Crowell, Oxon. Oxon    
  Crowmarsh Gifford Oxon.    
  Crowmarsh Gifford, Oxon.    
  Crowmarsh Oxon.    
  Croyden Surrey    
  Croydon district    
  Croydon Surrey    
  Cuckfield reg district    
  Cuckfield Sussex    
  Cuddesdon Oxon.    
  Cuddesdon, Oxon.    
  Cuddington Bucks.    
  Cumbernauld, Stirlingshire    
  Cuxham, Oxon.    
  Cuyahoga, Cleveland, Ohio USA    
  Cuyahoga, Ohio USA    
D Dalston London    
  Dalston, Hackney Middx    
  Dalston, London    
  Danehill Sussex    
  Darlington Durham.    
  Darlington, Durham    
  Darlington, Durham.    
  Darnell Yorks.    
  Dartford Kent    
  Denchworth Berks    
  Denham Bucks.    
  Dennistoun Lanark.    
  Dennistown, Lanark    
  Denton Oxon.    
  Deptford London    
  Deptford, Kent    
  Deptford, Kent.    
  Derby reg district.    
  Derby, Derbysahire    
  Detroit Michigan    
  Didsbury, Lanc.    
  Dinton, Bucks.    
  Dorchester district    
  Dover Kent    
  Dover district    
  Dover Kent    
  Dover reg district    
  Dover, Kent    
  Drayton St Leonard    
  Drayton St Leonard, Oxon.    
  Drayton, Berks.    
  Dunfermline crematorium    
  Dunfermline Scotland    
  Dunfermline. Fife.    
  Dunsfold, Surrey    
  Durham City    
E Ealing    
  Ealing district    
  Ealing Middx    
  Ealing, Middx    
  East Garston Berks    
  East Garston, Berks.    
  East Ham Essex    
  East Ham, Essex    
  East Hendred, Berks.    
  East Horsley, Surrey    
  East Sheen cementery    
  East Sheen Cemetery    
  East Sheen, Surrey    
  Easthampstead district    
  Eaton Wick Bucks.    
  Ecchinswel, Hants.    
  Ecchinswel,l Hants.    
  Ecchinswell Hampshire    
  Ecchinswell Hampshire    
  Edenbridge Kent    
  Edmonton district    
  Edmonton Middx    
  Elham district    
  Elham reg district    
  Ellesborough Bucks.    
  Elstree Herts    
  Elstree Herts.    
  Elstree, Herts.    
  Eltham, London    
  Emmington, Chinnor, Oxon.    
  Emmington, Oxon.    
  Enfield Middx.    
  Epson Surrey reg district.    
  Esher, Surrey    
  Eton Bucks.    
  Eton Bucks.*    
  Eton Reg District    
  Eton reg. district    
  Eton Wick    
  Eton Wick Bucks.    
  Ewelme Oxfordshire    
  Ewelme Oxon.    
  Exeter Devon    
F Faccombe Hampshire    
  FacCombe, Hants.    
  Falkirk Stirling.    
  Faversham Kent    
  Felthorpe Norfolk    
  Finchley Middx    
  Fingest Bucks.    
  Finsbury London    
  Finsbury, London    
  Folkestone Kent    
  Folkestone, Kent    
  Foulsham, Norfolk, England    
  Foxley Norfolk    
  Freckleton, Lanc.    
  Frenhill Heath, Worc.    
  Friern Barnet, Middx.    
  Fulham, London    
  Fyfield Essex.    
  Fyfield Wilts.    
  Fyfield, Berks.    
G Garsington Oxon.    
  Girlington. Yorks.    
  Gittisham Devon    
  Gittisham, Devon    
  Glasgow Scotland    
  Glasgow, Lanarkshire    
  Glebe St Glasgow Scotland    
  Gloucester, Glo.    
  Godalming Surrey    
  Godmanchester Huntingdonshire    
  Godmanchester Hunts.    
  Gorbals Scotland    
  Gorleson, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk.    
  Goroke Australia    
  Grays Thurrock, Essex    
  Grays, Essex    
  Grays. Essex    
  Great Bridge, Staffordshire    
  Great Chesterton, Oxon.    
  Great Haseley Oxon.    
  Great Haseley, Oxon.    
  Great Kingshill    
  Great Kingshill. Bucks.    
  Great marlow Bucks.    
  Great Yarmouth Nfk.    
  Green Street, High Wycombe, Bucks.    
  Greenacres, Lanc.    
  Greenham Berks    
  Greenham Common Berks    
  Greenwich London    
  Greenwich reg district    
  Greenwich, Kent    
  Gressenhall, Norfolk, England    
  Griffthstowm, Monmouthshire    
  Grimsby Lincs.    
H Hackney London    
  Hackney Middx    
  Hackney Middx.    
  Hackney, Middx.    
  Haddenham Bucks.    
  Haddenham, Camb.    
  Haddennham Bucks.    
  Hagbourne Berks.    
  Hambledon Bucks.    
  Hambledon Surrey    
  Hammersmith London    
  Hammersmith, middx.    
  Hammersmith, Middx.    
  Hampshire Hospital    
  Hampstead London    
  Hanwell Middx.    
  Hanworth, Middx.    
  Harlesden, Brent, London    
  Harrow reg district    
  Hartingleigh, Kent    
  Hartshill, Wark.    
  Harwich, Essex    
  Haver Kent    
  Hawkhurst Kent    
  Hawkinge Cemetery Folkestone    
  Hawkinge Kent    
  Hawkschurch, Devon    
  Hayes Middx    
  Hayes, Middx.    
  Heath & Reach Beds.    
  Heath & Reach, Beds.    
  Heath and Reach Beds.    
  Helston Cornwall    
  Helston Cornwall*    
  Hendon district    
  Henley District    
  Henley on Thames, Oxon.    
  Henly district    
  Henton, Chinor, Oxon.    
  Henton, Oxon.    
  Hereford, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA    
  Herne Bay Kent    
  Hertford Herts.    
  Heston Middx.    
  Hever kent    
  High Wycombe    
  High Wycombe Bucks.    
  High Wycombe district    
  High Wycombe, Bucks.    
  Higham Ferrars    
  Higham Ferrars Northants.    
  Higham Ferrars, Northants.    
  Higham Ferrers Norfolk    
  Highbickington Devon    
  Highclare Hants    
  Highclere Hants    
  Hillingdon district    
  Hillingdon, Middx.    
  Hoath Kent    
  Hoath, Kent    
  Hockley, Essex    
  Holborn London    
  Holborn, London    
  Holloway, London    
  Horsington Som.    
  Horsington, Som.    
  Horsleydown Surrey    
  Horsleydown, Bermondsey    
  Horstead Sussex    
  Horton Cum Studley, Bucks.    
  Hounslow district    
  Hounslow Middx.    
  Housslow reg district    
  Hove Sussex    
  Hove, Sussex    
  Hughenden, Bucks.    
  Hull York.    
  Hull Yorkshire    
  Hungerford Berks    
  Hungerford Berks.    
  Hungerford didtrict    
  Hungerford district    
  Hungerford reg. district    
  Hungerford, berks.    
  Hungerford, Berks.    
  Hurley Berks.    
  Hurley Berkshire    
  Hurst Berks.    
  Huthwaite, Notts.    
I Iccomb? Worestershire    
  Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland.    
  Island of Alderney    
  Isle of Man    
  Isleworth Middx    
  Isleworth Middx.    
  Islington Devon    
  Islington London    
  Islington Middx    
  Islington parish church    
  Islington, London.    
  Islington, Middx.    
K Kalgoorlie, Australia    
  Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada    
  Kelso, Scottish Borders    
  Kensington London    
  Kensington reg district    
  Kent UK    
  Kettering Northants.    
  Kettlebrook, Wark.    
  Kew Surrey    
  Kilburn, London    
  Killearn Hosp Glasgow    
  Kilmarnock, Ayrshire Scotland    
  Kilmaurs, Ayrshire Scotland    
  Kings Langley, Herts.    
  Kingsbury, Warwickshire    
  Kingsclere district    
  Kingsclere District    
  Kingsclere Hants    
  Kingsclere reg. district    
  Kingsey, Bucks.    
  Kingshill Common    
  Kingston Blount    
  Kingston Blount, Oxon.    
  Kingston Lisle, berks.    
  Kingston Oxon.    
  Kingston reg district    
  Kingston Rowant (sic)    
  Kingston Stert Oxon.    
  Kingston Surrey district    
  Kingston Upon Hull    
  Kingston, Oxon.    
  Kingstone Kent    
  Kirckowan Wigtown    
  Kirkcowan Scotland    
  Kirkintlloch, Dumbartonshire    
  Kirkowan Wigtown Scotland    
  Kirkwall, Lanark.    
L Lakeview Clevland Ohio USA    
  Lamberth London    
  Lamberth reg district    
  Lamberth, London    
  Lamberth, London.    
  Lambourne Berks.    
  Larbert Stirling    
  Lasham, Hants.    
  Lawrence Kent*    
  Layston Herts.    
  Leeds, Yorks.    
  Leigh Kent    
  Leigh Surrey    
  Leighton, Beds.    
  Lewes district    
  Lewisham reg district    
  Lewisham, London    
  Lewknor, Oxon    
  Lewknor, Oxon.    
  Lewknor, Oxon.Hundred    
  Lewknor, Oxon.Hundred Crowell, Oxon.    
  Leytonstow London    
  Lidlington Bedfordshire    
  Limehouse, Tower hamlets, London    
  Linkholt, Hants.    
  Linton Kent    
  Little Ilford, essex    
  Little Milton, Oxon.    
  Liverpool District    
  Loddington Kent    
  London E11    
  London Middx    
  London Regt.    
  London, Middx    
  Long Creddon, Bucks.    
  Long Crendon, Bucks.    
  Longwick Bucks.    
  Loosley Row Bucks.    
  Lurgarshall Sussex    
  Luton district    
  Lydden, Kent    
  Lyford Berks    
  Lyme Regis Dorset    
  Lyminge nr Folkestone    
M Maidenhaed, Berks.    
  Maidenhead district    
  Maidenhead, Berks.    
  Manchester England    
  Manchester, Lancs.    
  Manningham, Yorks.    
  Mansfield, Notts.    
  Mapledurham Oxon.    
  Maresfiels, Sussex    
  Margate St John    
  Margate, Kent    
  Marlborough Wilts    
  Marylebone London    
  Marylebone, London    
  Marylebone, Middx.    
  Meadstead, Alton, Hants.    
  Meadvale Redhill Surrey    
  Membury Devon    
  Memphis Tennessee    
  Merstham Surrey    
  Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire district    
  Mertsham, Surrey    
  Michigan City Miss.    
  Middlesborough district    
  Milbourne Port Som.    
  Milbourne Som.    
  Mile End New Town, London    
  Milton Lilbourne, Wilts.    
  Milton, Wilts.    
  Miners Rest, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia    
  Minnigaff Kirkcubrightshire    
  Minnigaff, Kirkaldbright    
  Minster Sheppy Kent    
  Missisippi USA    
  Mississippi USA    
  Mitford district Norfolk    
  Mongwell Oxon.    
  Monkton district    
  Moreton Bay Australia    
  Moreton nr Thame, Oxon.    
  Moreton Thame, Oxon.    
  Moreton, Oxon.    
  Moreton, Thame, Oxon.    
  Mortlake Surrey    
  Mortlake, Surrey    
  Mortlake, Surrey.    
  Myanmar Burma    
N Nether Compton, Dorset    
  New Cross, Deptford, Kent.    
  New Southgate, London    
  Newbury Berks    
  Newbury district    
  Newent, Gloucestershire    
  Newick Sussex    
  Newington Berick Prior    
  Newington Oxfordshire    
  Newington, Oxon.    
  Newmills Milton, Wilts.    
  Newport , Monmouthshire    
  Newport Devon    
  Newport district    
  Newport Pagnell district    
  Newton Hants    
  Newtown Shropshire    
  North Claines, Worc.    
  North Curry, Taunton, Som.    
  Northchurch, Herts.    
  Norwich, Norfolk    
  Nottingham, Notts.    
  Nuneham, Oxon.    
O Oadby Leicestershire    
  Oakley Chinnor, Oxon.    
  Oakley Oxon.    
  Oakley, Chinnor, Oxon.    
  Ocean View burial park    
  Ohio USA    
  Old Cumnock Ayr Scotland    
  Old Cunnock, Ayr, Scotland    
  Old Luce Scotland    
  Old Luce, Wigtown    
  Old Mortlake burial ground    
  Oldbury Worc.    
  Oldham Lan.    
  Oldham Lanc.    
  Oldham Lanc. reg district    
  Oldham Lancs    
  Ormscott Warrick    
  Over Compton, Dorset    
  Overton Hants    
  Oxford reg district    
  Oxford, Oxen.    
  Oxford, Oxon.    
P Paddington London    
  Paddington, London    
  Pagleshem, Essex    
  Paisley Scotland    
  Paisley, Scotland    
  Pancras reg district    
  Park Farm, Paddock Wood Kent    
  Penn Bucks.    
  Penn, Bkm    
  Pentworth, Sussex    
  Perth Australia    
  Pewsey district    
  Pewsey, Wilts.    
  Piddletrenthide, Dorset    
  Pimlico, Middx.    
  Ploughly district    
  Ploughly reg district    
  Plumstead Kent    
  Plymouth Devon    
  Plympton Devon    
  Polmont, Stirling    
  Pontypool district    
  Poplar district    
  Poplar London    
  Port Huron Michigan    
  Port of Clay, Norfolk    
  Portsmouth, Hants.    
  Poss reigate    
  poss South Moulton Devon    
  Postcombe Lewknor, Oxon.    
  postcombe Oxon.    
  Postcombe Oxon.    
  Potijze Chateau Wood Cemetery    
  Preston, Lanc.    
  Prestwood Bucks.    
  Pyrton Oxford    
  Pyrton, Oxon.    
Q Quainton Bucks.    
R Radford, Oxon.    
  Ramsbury, Wilts.    
  Ramsgate, Kent    
  Rangoon, Burma    
  Rangoon, Burma.    
  Reading reg district    
  Reading reg. district    
  Reading, Berks.    
  Redbourne Herts.    
  Redbridge district London    
  Redhill Surrey    
  Redhill Surrey    
  Redstone Cemetery Redhill    
  Reigate district    
  Reigate, Surrey    
  Richmond district    
  Richmond District    
  Richmond reg district    
  Richmond Surrey    
  Richmond Surrey district    
  Richmond Upon Thames    
  Richmond, Surrey, reg district    
  Riddings, Derby.    
  Riddings, Derbyshire    
  Ringwood Victoria Australia    
  Ripley, Derby.    
  Riscmond reg. district    
  Rochdale, Lanc.    
  Rochford, Essex    
  Romaldirk Yorks.    
  Romford district    
  Rotheram district    
  Rotherfield Sussex    
  Ruddington, Notts.    
  Rudgwick Sussex    
  Rudgwick, Sussex    
  Ruislip, Middx    
  Ruislip, Middx.    
  Runton Nfk.    
S S W Middlesex crematorium    
  S.W Middx crematorium    
  Sauchie, Clack.    
  Saunderton Bucks.    
  Saunderton, Bucks.    
  Savernake, Wilts.    
  Scrubbs Bledlow Ridge Bucks.    
  Sculcotes district    
  Sexton, Victoria, Australia    
  Shabbington, Bucks.    
  Shaldon Devon    
  Shawell, Leicestershire    
  Sheerness, Kent    
  Sheffield district    
  Sheffield reg district    
  Sheffield Yorks.    
  Sheffield Yorkshire    
  Sheffield, Yorks.    
  Shefford Newbury Berks    
  Shefford Woodlands, Berks.    
  Sheppy district    
  Shirburn, Oxon.    
  Shoreditch Middx.    
  Shoreditch, London    
  Shrewbursy Shropshire    
  Shrewsbury Shropshire    
  Slaugham, Sussex    
  Slough reg district    
  Slough, Bucks.    
  Small Heath, Wark.    
  Smithfield Middx.    
  Soham Cambridgeshire    
  Soho London    
  Somerton Oxon.    
  Sonning Common Oxon.    
  Sotwell Berks.    
  South Molton Devon    
  South Molton, Devon    
  South Ockenden Essex    
  South Ockenden, Essex    
  South Perrott    
  South Perrott Dorset    
  South Staffordshire reg district    
  South Weston    
  South Weston Oxon.    
  South Weston, Oxon.    
  Southall Middx.    
  Southall, Middx.    
  Southborough Kent    
  Southmolton Devon    
  Southmoreton Berks    
  Southmorton Berks.    
  Southwark Surrey    
  Spriggs Holly, Chinnor, Oxon.    
  St Albans district    
  St Albans Herts.    
  St George in the East London    
  St George Ramsgate    
  St James, London    
  St John Clerkenwell    
  St John Horsleydown,    
  St John Margate kent    
  St John Margate, Kent    
  St John Redhill Surrey    
  St John’s Margate    
  St John’s Margate.    
  St Johns church Redhill Surrey    
  St Johns Ealing Dean    
  St Johns Eton Bucks.    
  St Johns Margate, Kent    
  St Johns OUTHWARK    
  St Johns Wood Middx    
  St Johns, Southwark    
  St Laurence Kent    
  St Lawrence kent    
  St Lawrence Kent    
  St Lawrence, Kent    
  St Lukes, Ramsgate, Kent    
  St Martins in the Fields Westminster    
  St Mary Bourne Hampshire    
  St Mary Bourne, Hants.    
  St Marylebone    
  St Marylebone London    
  St Marys Ealing    
  St Marys Thame    
  St Michael Bray Berks    
  St Mildred’s Canterbury Kent    
  St Millbro Shropshire*    
  St Pancras    
  St Pancras London    
  St Pancras, Middx.    
  St Pauls Hosp. Winchester    
  St Pauls Ramsgate    
  St Peter Bailey Oxford    
  St Peter Sandwich Kent    
  St Rollox district    
  St Rollox Glasgow Scotland    
  St. Pancras, Middx.    
  Stadhampton, Oxon.    
  Staines district    
  Staines Middx*    
  Stalbridge, Dorset    
  Stalinsfield Kent*    
  Stalisfield Kent    
  Stepney London    
  Stepney Middx    
  Stepney Middx.    
  Stockport Cheshire    
  Stoke Manderville Bucks.    
  Stoke Suffolk    
  Stoke, Hampshire    
  Stokenchurch Oxfordshire    
  Stokenchurch, Bucks.    
  Stokenchurch, Oxon.    
  Stow, Monmouth Wales.    
  Strathendrick district    
  Stratton Wilts.    
  Sturry, Kent    
  Sunbury-on-Thames Middx.    
  Sunderland Co Durham    
  Sunderland Durham    
  Sunderland, Durham    
  Surbiton Surrey    
  Surbiton, Surrey    
  Surrey district    
  Surrey N. district    
  Surrey reg district    
  Sutterton, Linc.    
  Sutton Surrey    
  Swallowfield Berks.    
  Swanick, Derby.    
  Swanmore Hants    
  Swanmore nr Southampton    
  Swanwick, Derby.    
  Swindon, Wilts.    
  Sydenham, Oxon.    
  Sydmonton Hants.    
  Sydmonton, Hants.    
  Sydney NSW Australia    
T Tamworth Staff.    
  Tasmania, Australia    
  Teddington Middx    
  Tetsworth Oxon.    
  Tetsworth, Oxon.    
  Thame area    
  Thame District    
  Thame Oxfordshire    
  Thame reg district    
  Thame Reg district    
  Thame Reg District.    
  Thame, Oxon.    
  Thanet reg district    
  Thanet Crematorium, Margate, Kent    
  Thanet Kent    
  Thanet, Kent    
  Thetford Norfolk    
  Thing Herts.    
  Thundersley, Essex    
  Thurgoland, Yorks.    
  Tiddington, Oxon.    
  Tidmarsh, Berks.    
  Tinsley Yorks.    
  Tonbridge district    
  Tonbridge district Kent    
  Tonbridge Kent    
  Tonbridge Wells Kent    
  Tonbridge, Kent    
  Tonbridge, Kent.    
  Toot Baldon, Oxon.    
  Torquay, Devon    
  Tottenham Middx.    
  Tottenham, High Cross, London    
  Tower Hamlets, London    
  Towersey Oxon.    
  Towersey, Bucks.    
  Tring, Herts.    
  Tumbridge Wells Kent    
  Tunbridge district Kent    
  Tunbridge Kent    
  Tunbridge Reg District    
  Tunbridge Wells Kent    
  Tunbridge Wells, Kent    
  Twickenham Cemetery    
  Twickenham district    
  Twickenham Middx    
  Twickenham Middx.    
  Twickenham, Middx    
  Twickenham, Middx.    
  Twickenham. Middx.    
  Twyford Berks    
U UK    
  Upcerne, Dorset    
  Upper Cerne Dorset    
  Upper Cerne, Dorset    
  Upper Edmonton, London    
  Upton with Chalvey, Bucks.    
  Upwaltham, Sussex    
  Uxbridge district    
  Uxbridge Middx.    
  Uxbridge reg district    
V Vancouver Canada    
  Vancouver, Greater Vancouver, canada    
  Vermelles British Cemetary Pas de Calais    
  Victoria district, Australia    
  Victoria, Australia    
W Waberton Sussex    
  Waco Texas USA    
  Wadhurst East Sussex    
  Wadhurst Sussex    
  Wadhurst Sussex    
  Wadhurst, Sussex    
  Wallend, Nots.    
  Wallingford district    
  Wallingford reg district    
  Waltham Forest district    
  Waltham Forest, London    
  Waltham, Kent    
  Walthamstow, Essex    
  Wandsworth district    
  Wandsworth Surrey    
  Wanstead London    
  Wantage Berks.    
  Wantage district    
  Wapping London    
  Washbrook, Sussex.    
  Watford Herts    
  Watford Herts.    
  Watlington Oxon.    
  Watlington, Oxon.    
  Wayne, Ashtabula, Ohio USA    
  Wealdstone, Middx    
  Wellingborough Northants district    
  Wem Shropshire    
  Wem, Shropshire    
  West Berkshire Crematorium    
  West Ealing, Middx.    
  West Ham Essex    
  West Ham reg district    
  West Ham, Essex, district    
  West Ham, Essex.    
  West Shefford, Berks.    
  West Wycombe    
  West Wycombe - Downley hamlet    
  Westbere Kent    
  Westgate on Sea    
  Westgate On Sea    
  Westgate on Sea, Kent.    
  Westminster Middx    
  Westminster, England    
  Weston Longville Norfolk    
  Weston Norfolk    
  Wheatfield Oxfordshire    
  Wheatfield Oxon.    
  Wheatley Oxon.    
  Wheatly Oxon.    
  Whetstone Middx.    
  Whitchurch, Shropshire    
  White Rock BC Canada    
  White Waltham, Berks.    
  Whitechapel Middx.    
  Whitechapel, London    
  Whitstable Kent    
  Wickwar, Gloucester    
  Wigtown Scotland    
  Wigtownshire Scotland    
  Wilburton Camb.    
  Wilmslow Chester    
  Wilncote, Staff.    
  Windsor Berks    
  Windsor or Slough Berks.    
  Winkfield Berks.    
  Witcham, Camb.    
  Wokingham Berks.    
  Wooburn, Bucks.    
  Woodland Cem Cleveland, Ohio USA    
  Woodland Cemetery    
  Woodland Cemetery Ohio USA    
  Woodnesborough, Kent    
  Woodsford Dorset    
  Woolavington Som.    
  Woolwich Kent    
  Woolwich new cemetery    
  Wooton Courtney Somerset    
  Worth Crematorium, Sussex.    
  Worthing Sussex    
  Worthing Sx.    
  Wortley Reg district    
  Wycombe Bucks.    
  Wycombe district    
  Wycombe district.    
  Wycombe Marsh Bucks.    
  Wycombe reg district    
  Wycombe Reg district    
  Wycombe reg. district    
Y Yardley, Birmingham War.    
  Yarmouth Norfol.    
  Yarmouth Norfolk    
  Yarthorpe, Lincs.    
  Yenston, Henstridge Som.    
  Yeovil district    
  Youghal Co. Cork, Ireland